LG reveals 5.3-Inch Smartphone Display with ‘World’s Narrowest Bezel’

LG reveals 5.3-Inch Smartphone Display with ‘World’s Narrowest Bezel’

The margins between the screen and the edges of smartphones continue to shrink and the last display presented by LG Display goes even further by limiting the space in a small 0.7 mm.

The borders around the screens are endangered on smartphones, leaving the front of a near-total space for the screen, apart from two thin strips to accommodate microphone and speaker. This reduction in borders accelerated the latest models and some have gone very far in this direction, making them to almost disappear, as in the case of the Sharp Aquos Crystal X.

This trend is expected to generalize and screen supplier LG Display is at the forefront with the announcement of a 5.3-inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) that provides an edge by 0.7 mm or "less than the thickness of 0.8 mm of a credit card."

This progress was achieved through a manufacturing process called Neo Edge and AIT (Advanced In-Cell Touch) screen technology first in world. Neo Edge process also ensures a seal sealing the screen and backlight system, preventing water and dust to slip between the two and avoid light leakage.

The adhesive component is also used for more resistant to corrosion than tape fastening systems existing on both sides, improving the strength of the panel. AIT also enables to combine the module and LCD touch screen in a same element, reducing the need for a frame.

LG Display announced that its display will be ready for mass production in the month of November 2014 and the first volume will go to its Chinese customers, the market is very demanding in large-screen smartphones.

We can therefore expect to see the upcoming launch of smartphones whose screen occupies almost the entire front panel.


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