iPhone/iPad: 350,000 users affected by malware

iPhone/iPad: 350,000 users affected by malware

Many iPhone smartphones and iPad tablet PCs are a victim of malware. An unofficial shop is responsible for the spread.

It is in fact not less than 350,000 iPhone or iPad which have been dealing with a known malware called WireLurker. The spread of the intruder has not gone through official channels, but OS X has a shop named Maiyadi which is an unofficial App Store. The latter is found in more than 450 applications, which explains the large number of affected users.

In fact, once the malware got on the hard drive of the computer, one patient until an iOS device connects to a USB port to be propagated. Transmission of malware is done on a jailbroken iDevice. It can then follow the flights of various data. Despite the regular activities of malware that have been noted, the exact purpose has not yet been determined.

It reminds in any case the risk of going through the unofficial app stores and the need to install security solutions.


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