ZTE Nubia Z9 smartphone pictures leaked

ZTE Nubia Z9 smartphone pictures leaked

ZTE could be the next manufacturer to offer a smartphone with a borderless display with Nubia Z9.

If manufacturers have continually sought to reduce the space between the display and the slices of smartphones and tablets, technologies are now sufficiently proven to not leave visible edges.

The first smartphone whose screen occupies the entire width of the device began to appear, always creating more interactive surface on the front. If the manufacturer Sharp has already embarked on the adventure while supplier LG Display refines its offerings, the next player to bet on the borderless screens may be the Chinese manufacturer ZTE.

And it could do so through its stylish range of Nubia smartphones, who wants to show its expertise in mobile technologies. It is rumored indeed that ZTE Nubia Z9 smartphone snapshots show a supposed phone whose screen stretches to the side edges.

Nubia Z9 should offer strong features, with on board a platform of Snapdragon 805 associated with 3GB of RAM and back camera with an optical stabilization system. It remains to wait for its confirmation.


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