Samsung Galaxy S6 new rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 new rumors

Every day, rumors accumulate around the successor yet still the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. And little by little, the S6 is taking shape with an idea in everyone's head: how the smartphone will look like, otherwise the brand could quickly capsize.

According to recent rumors started by the CNet, Galaxy S6 will indeed be equipped with a processor manufactured by Qualcomm, namely the platform of Snapdragon 810 that will allow it to be (temporarily) the fastest smartphone in the market upon its release.

New rumors however draw a line on the screen of Ultra HD 4K. Samsung could thus rather aim for a 5.3 inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, to reduce the cost of manufacturing its smartphone.

At the side of Camera, we would find a 16 or 20 megapixel sensor. To compete for Apple devices on the segments of the ultra expensive smartphones, the S6 could also be declined in a version with 128 GB of internal storage.

S6 should not go out immediately, however, Samsung is leaving time to enjoy other recently launched products like the Galaxy Note 4 and the next Galaxy Note Edge.

Still, the manufacturer could directly influence the current device. Faced with heavy losses and the announcement of a restructuring of its catalog to avoid dispersing the S6 could suffer as much benefit from this strategy. In short, if Samsung reduced the number of devices, the S6 could become the true flagship of the brand, the high-end smartphone that stands out from the rest of the catalog. Today, the situation is particularly designed blurred with the proliferation of medium-range handsets, which finishes competing S5.

But Samsung could also choose the easy way and take benefits of its entry-level products down to reach emerging markets and develop its S6 artificially.


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