Amazon announces Kindle DX ebook reader

Amazon continued its strategy of land cover ebook readers outside the United States by announcing the availability of Kindle DX, which has a screen of 9.7".

The e-paper reader Kindle was one of the best electronic products sold of Amazon during the Christmas and New Year sales of ebooks are even allowed the luxury to exceed those of paper books of the day Christmas

The distribution strategy of the terminal outside the borders of the United States, even if the content offering is based on U.S. catalog, to the reluctance of foreign publishers, appears to be a success and Amazon has announced the extension in the foreign distribution of DX Kindle, the variant of the reader with a display diagonal of 9.7 ".

Best suited for newspapers and documents

Larger screen makes it possible to view documents and newspapers or magazines with a better reading comfort, while the Kindle is more oriented toward reading novels. The Kindle DX could be seduced another category of public, looking for a viewer of digital documents.

Amazon also anticipates a trend announced for 2010, the multiplication of ebook readers to screen about 10 ". Suppliers of e-paper screens are preparing to adapt their production in this direction, ahead of new economic models for digital publishing.

The Kindle DX incorporates the features of its little brother with an integrated 3G modem for access at all times to 300 of 000 books Kindle Store. It also includes a PDF viewer and can store up to 3500 ebooks in its internal memory.

It will however count 489 dollars for the purchase, with shipping beginning on January 19.


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