God of War III new artworks released

To celebrate 2010, Sony had the good idea to launch a multi-language version of official website of God of War III.

In addition to this launch with great fanfare, the firm Nippon issued a half-dozen artworks suggesting the richness of the title. Some pictures show the same passages from the short but impressive demo at E3 2009. This will, inter alia, recognize the painful phrase steering requires good reflexes and several tests.

Sony is the perfect opportunity to remind the world that the Playstation 3 is alive, she was able to escape despite the difficult economic and social context. But 2010 is a new year, a year full of surprises and hits with power. God of War III is just part of the circle waiting to expand.

The contenders are certainly not lacking, it is also necessary that they meet there. For the year 2009 was also full of disappointments as video game MadWorld, Armed Assault 2 or FUEL.

Release date scheduled for March 2010 on PS3.


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