Samsung Galaxy S6 photo leaked in bright Yellow color

Samsung Galaxy S6 photo leaked in bright Yellow color

After some photos supposedly released for the next metal chassis of the Galaxy S6 of Samsung, new leaks present us the next flagship of the brand color.

Leaks and rumors multiply on the Samsung Galaxy S6, and after a few pictures of a metal frame for it being designed, now today we find the front side of the device.

These photos were shared by the IT168 website and comes directly from the smartphone production plants. The model presented could, however, be a prototype, a small series for testing before launching mass production.

As assumed earlier, we rediscover metal edges, however, here there is a plastic dressing on the side, since only the edges of the device show a characteristic glow.

We also discover the presence of a colorful facade that should not disrupt users (other than by its color in yellow) as it endorses the codes of the old brand devices and Samsung's own button also.

A point already raised some concerns. Considering that it is indeed the next Galaxy S6 and not a fan assembly or other photomontage, borders that frame the camera screen look very thick. The site suggests a 5.5 inch screen, which already leads to a significant size smartphone. With these imposing curbs, Galaxy S6 could become one of the biggest smartphone in the market while the iPhone 6 Plus is already strongly criticized for its bulky appearance. Moreover, other brands have adequately addressed this phenomenon and offer 5.5-inch smartphones with very fine edge, which has the added effect of increasing the prominence of the screen.

According to recent rumors, the Galaxy S6 would have a Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM and a qHD screen.

Sam Mobile, the Samsung site specializing in devices shows its side the device presented by IT168 that would not be the Galaxy S6 but the SM-G430. We will certainly have to wait a few more weeks to be sure. Meanwhile, mistrust around all these news, as always.


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