Goal of $ 7.5 million Donations for 2009 achieved by Wikipedia

The campaign donations in 2009 has borne fruit for Wikipedia. The goal of $ 7.5 million for 2009 has been reached.

Organization non-profit, the Wikimedia Foundation ensures the sustainability of what has become an obligatory stop on the Net: The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, Wikipedia. To function, the fifth most visited site in the world (over 340 million visitors per month), which does no advertising needs several million dollars per year.

To recoup its costs, a traditional annual campaign to support Wikipedia was formally launched in early November 2009. The campaign will last throughout the month of January 2010, but already high and expected goal of 7.5 million has been reached. Co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has announced this news just before the new year, December 31, 2009.

Final figures will be known at the effective end of the 2009 campaign. For his 2008 campaign fundraising Wikipedia, the target was 6 million dollars. Nearly 6.2 million had been achieved.

Besides Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation oversees several projects and employs thirty people, all others are volunteers. The money raised is used to pay employees and all the technology, including servers and bandwidth necessary so that Wikipedia can provide expertise.


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