Windows 8 expected to enhance user experience

For Windows 8, it is possible that the user experience is combined with more WIMPs but OCGM.

The vision of the user experience for the operating system obeys the moment the concept of WIMP interfaces. This acronym is a description of items used to develop a user interface, namely Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing device (windows, icons, menus and pointing device).

Several developments of the concept WIMPs have already been proposed, and Ron George has recently added a stone to the building, offering not really a trend but a new vision. This information is particularly interesting that the man has already exercised his talents as a designer within the team Zune or Microsoft Surface, touch the famous table. Currently designer NUI (Natural User Interface) / UX (User Experience), Ron George is involved in the design of Windows 8.

In the field of user experience, Ron George offers a paradigm to succeed WIMPs in the person of OCGM for this time: Objects, Containers, Gestures and Manipulations.

These concepts are not simple to understand. Ron George said that the objects are at the heart of the user experience with a "direct correlation" with an element of the user interface, or are simply objects of the interface. The containers themselves are groupings of objects for Ron George "should not be windows.

Gestures are actions performed by users who initiate a function after recognition by the system. Ron George spoke of "indirect action" on the system, because it must be completed before the system can react. The manipulations have on them ‘direct influences "on an object or container.


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