Vampyr RPG game announced by Dontnod

Vampyr RPG game announced by Dontnod

The Parisian studio DONTNOD, the maker of Remember Me, has announced the development of its next video game, an RPG called Vampyr. A first image was unveiled for the occasion.

Known for its work on the game Remember M and the Life is Strange game which is being finalized (expected in late January 2015 for PC and consoles), the French studio DONTNOD has announced the development of its next title.

Dubbed as Vampyr, this game will be an RPG production that takes place shortly after the First World War and players will take on the role of a doctor. Returned home due to Spanish influenza infection, our protagonist will be bitten by one of his patients. This bite gradually transforms our doctor into vampire.

It is stated that the game will offer a progression that oscillates between good and evil, between the fact to heal or kill for food. Also, we imagine that it will be question of moral choices during the game.

For now, Vampyr has neither got a release date or information about relevant platforms. We do know that it's Focus Home Interactive who will edit the game.


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