Samsung starts mass production of ePoP Memory for smartphones

Samsung starts mass production of ePoP Memory for smartphones

To meet the miniaturization constraints of smartphones, the Samsung Group announced the mass production of ePOP memory that includes in the same module 3GB of RAM and 32GB eMMC flash memory.

Smartphones and tablets still need more memory and storage, but must also take into account a small footprint to be able to accommodate all the components, even with the tendency to the refinement of smartphones.

The semiconductor manufacturer Samsung addresses this problem by announcing the start of mass production of its ePOP memory (embedded package on package) that combines in a single chip of 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 32GB eMMC flash memory, and that a controller.

The system is no longer a single package, unlike the current solutions that include both, and can be integrated directly onto the motherboard of a smartphone without the need for additional components. This ePOP memory should extend a line winner in performance and storage capacity in the coming years.

The ePOP module allows to eliminate the presence of an eMMC component outside the chipset that includes the mobile processor and RAM, providing a useful area of ​​economy by 40%, and has a thickness of 1.4mm reduction.

Samsung has started to offer a module for ePOP connected gadgets of wearable computing, where space constraints are very high and necessitate this type of configuration, and now extends its offering to smartphones and high-end tablets.


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