Atari reboots Asteroids game for PC

Atari reboots Asteroids game for PC

Thirty-six years after its initial release on arcade, Ateroids is back in 2015, through the Atari editor. The famous shooter is for once again coming to PC as an open world survival game.

Classical french shooter released for the first time in 1979 on arcade, Asteroids is as one of the great classic gaming. It is one of the popular Atari game but returns to the front of the stage with the announcement of a new title based on the franchise.

Named Asteroids Outpost, this title will happen thirty-six years after its illustrious predecessor, and it will offer a very different approach. Indeed, it will be a survival game that will take place in an open world and which will massively mutliplayer (MMO).

The title proposed has a spatial universe in which we will undermine an asteroid to build and defend our base and gain wealth. By extension, the resources acquired will be used to craft equipment.

Alliances will be between the players, allowing better punching power against other asteroids on which enemies are built on their bases.

Asteroids Outpost will soon be available in early access to the Steam platform and only on PC. The timing of this development version will be announced later by Atari.


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