Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari exploited at Pwn2Own contest

Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari exploited at Pwn2Own contest

Again, the appointment of security has allowed experts to show new vulnerabilities in web browsers. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari did not resist receiving updates.

At the CanSecWest lounge, also known as Pwn2Own, all browsers fall at the hands of security specialists. For two days, hackers have uncovered new vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and even Safari.

At this event, a security specialist managed to collect half of the rewards offered by the organizers. Junghoon Lee, known under the pseudonym lokihardt has received 225,000 dollars through the discovery of three vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.

During the event, other vulnerabilities have been discovered in Adobe Reader and Flash Player for Internet Explorer 11 version. Finally, not fewer than five security vulnerabilities previously unknown have been detailed to Windows 8.1 64-bit version.

Security updates have already been deployed in many browsers. This is particularly the case for Firefox, Chrome for Windows, OS X and Linux. As for Internet Explorer, Microsoft could wait for the next "Patch Tuesday" to deploy the security fix.


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