My Eyes Only Photo 2.0.1 released by Software Ops

Software Ops release version 2.0 of My Eyes Only-Photo announces advanced features. We have added MMS, Copy & Paste and an easy to use user-interface to match the functionality. My Eyes Only Photo is an application designed to secure your private photos on your iPhone or iPod Touch by password protecting and encrypting photos. My Eyes Only Photo uses 256 bit RSA encryption, built into the iPhone and supported by Apple, to protect the photos. The photos are protected by a password that prevents others from viewing the images that you do not want anyone else to view.

The 2.0 version has added the ability to select any number of photos and send them in an MMS message, email, copy them to the clipboard, or move them to different folders. A new advanced user-interface provides for multiple selection of images and a one touch panel was created to make it easy to activate the new features.

"Our implementation for MMS support is among the easiest to use." states Joe Michels founder of Software Ops. "Simply select any number of images, touch the panel action icon and touch the Copy & MMS button. My Eyes Only-Photo will copy the selected photos onto the clipboard and start the iPhone Message app. All you have to do is paste the images into the MMS field and add a recipient for the MMS and send them."

Users of the application can select photos from the existing photo library on their iPhone or use the camera to take photographs and store them directly into My Eyes Only Photo. Users can create as many photo libraries as they like within the application. The photos library presents all the photos in a thumbnail view for easy selection. An easy to use photo browser displays the images for viewing even as My Eyes Only Photo is decrypting the photos in the background.

With My Eyes Only Photo(tm), like My Eyes Only(tm), forgetting your password isn’t a problem. A password hint feature provides help to the user to remember their password. It also has a configurable password recovery question and answer that allows users to select their own private question and answer to further secure access to their photos.

A full "photo wipe" capability is also incorporated into My Eyes Only Photo(tm). If somebody should try to enter a password 6 times and fails, all photos stored on My Eyes Only Photo will be deleted.

Device Requirements:
iPhone or iPod Touch 3.1.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
My Eyes Only Photo can be found on the Apple iTunes App Store. It can be downloaded onto the iPhone or iPod Touch for only $2.99.


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