Free barcode scanning Application for iPhone released

Vision Smarts today is proud to announce the pic2shop Web
Integration Kit, a companion to their free barcode scanning App for
iPhone devices. Developed specifically for online retailers, shopping
portals and web developers alike, the pic2shop Web Integration Kit
offers the ability for their customers to lookup a product by simply
scanning a barcode from an iPhone.

UPCs and EANs are the traditional barcodes found on virtually all
retail products, from books to cereal boxes. With pic2shop’s unique
combination of image processing algorithms and machine learning
techniques, looking up a product is as easy as aiming the camera at a
barcode. Online retailers and price comparison sites can now offer
their customers the means to instantly access product information, or
buy in their store, all in real time. The whole process takes only a
few seconds.

Shopping portals can capitalize on the mobile shopper interest for
barcode scanning at no cost. By adding a feature that is highly valued
by users, retailers who have already invested in building a
mobile-friendly web site will increase their visibility and return on
investment. All that is necessary is inserting a few lines of code into
their existing web application to display a "Scan Barcode" button for
iPhone-bearing visitors (and Android users too).

The pic2shop Web Integration Kit is perfect for:
* Online retailers
* Price comparison sites
* Product reviews (books, dvds, games, consumer electronics, etc)
* Product information (e.g. nutritional, environmental)
* Gift lists and shopping-oriented social media

When the customer presses the "Scan Barcode" button on the web page, their iPhone launches the pic2shop barcode scanner app.
If pic2shop is not installed, a message is briefly displayed, then the
user is automatically taken to the iTunes App Store where they can
install pic2shop for free.

If pic2shop is installed, it goes immediately in scanning mode. By
aiming the camera at the barcode for one second or two, the UPC or EAN
is read (even on older iPhone models). As soon as the code is
recognized, pic2shop opens the Safari web browser to search the web
application with the barcode digits. The entire processs only takes a
few seconds, and is much faster than typing 12 digits or a product name
using the on-screen keyboard. And considerably more fun.

Among the API’s most prolific features is its zero cost to
implementation, ability to help retailers enhance the shopping
experience, and generate buzz about their products. By taking advantage
of the iPhone’s custom URL scheme, any app or web page can launch
pic2shop, have the user scan a barcode, and then pass the barcode back
to the calling web page or app. Vision Smarts has made a web page
specific for developers available on their website. For application
developers, there is a complete Xcode project that shows how to
implement this mechanism in a just few lines of code and an online demo
for web developers.

pic2shop Feature Highlights:
* Comfortable and simple User Interface
* Takes only a few seconds
* Compare prices and decide whether to purchase in-store, or to buy online, all in real time
* Allows other iPhone apps and web apps to use pic2shop as a free barcode scanner

"Shopping by barcode is one of those things that make the mobile
internet different, and so exciting," said Benoit Maison, founder of
Vision Smarts. "You just can’t do that at your desk. With this new
feature of pic2shop, any shopping web site can provide additional value
to their users, at no cost. Our objective is to make pic2shop the
standard iPhone barcode reader"

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
pic2shop 3.0.1 is completely free and available worldwide exclusively
through the App Store in the Productivity category. Currently, product
search returns results from retailers located in the United States,
Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands and
Belgium. A major effort is under way to support more countries and more


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