Etymotic upgraded its iphone earphones

Etymotic at CES has upgraded its key iPhone and iPod earphones as well as its main Bluetooth headset. The hf3 replaces the hf2 and brings in a built-in three-button remote that gives full control over all remote-supporting iPhones and iPods. Both it as well as the new mc3 and mc5 sets use a unique approach that depends on low cost moving coil drivers but adds response shaping to boost the historically weak highs from these sources without diminishing bass.

The etyBLU2 replaces the original etyBLU and adds a directional microphone on a fixed boom and with noise cancellation. Moving and upgrading the mic both puts the Bluetooth headset in a more natural position and also blocks out 98 percent of total outside sound for the wearer and much of the unwanted sound for the recipient of the call.

Ship dates aren’t mentioned for the new earphones, but the mc3 and mc5 will be priced at $99 and $79 each.


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