Samsung and Texas Instruments unveils the first WVGA beam projector-embedded mobile phone at CES

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, a new Samsung Electronics mobile phone
with embedded projection (Model Name: W9600) in a compelling form factor was
shown at the Digital Experience (a Pepcom Event) at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6
at the Mirage Hotel. The Samsung Projector Phone uses Texas Instruments’ new DLP Pico WVGA Chipset to project stunning
native DVD images. The pico projection feature removes the limitations of the
mobile phone screen by providing "big picture" viewing experiences for sharing
pictures, watching videos, playing games, viewing e-mail attachments, and even
giving presentations. Any content can instantly be projected whether it is
stored on or streamed to the phone. Featuring a lightweight and compact design,
the Samsung Projector Phone can display images in excess of 60 inches depending
on ambient light conditions.

"Building upon the excitement and success of our W7900 projection phone in
Korea last year, this new phone transforms the mobile phone experience, giving
users the capability to share large, stunning native DVD images from the palm of
their hands," said David Noh, vice president at Samsung Electronics. "We
continue to transform the limitations of mobile viewing to provide complete
mobile office and entertainment solutions that enhance people’s lives."

"We are amazed that this kind of image in terms of size, brightness, and
resolution is possible from a mobile phone — and for Samsung to achieve this
without any compromise in the form factor of a contemporary cell phone is truly
impressive," said Frank Moizio, DLP Emerging Markets business manager. "This
phone’s ‘big picture’ capability not only enhances the individual use
experience, but also gives the user the capability to share experiences in a
compelling way — opening the opportunity for numerous entertainment and
business applications."

A brief list of the Samsung Projector phone capabilities follows:

DLP Pico projection features:

  • Sample of applications supported by pico projection feature:
    • Web surfing
    • Viewing digital photos (.jpg format)
    • Viewing video content in various formats including DivX
    • Giving PowerPoint slide presentations
    • Flashlight capabilities
  • Resolution: DLP Pico WVGA resolution with over 400,000 pixels
  • Contrast ratio: >2000:1
  • Image size: Greater than 50 inches depending on light conditions

Mobile phone features:

  • 5.0-megapixel camera
  • High-resolution color AMOLED touch screen
  • Intuitive flick navigation to view presentations and photo slide shows
  • Ultra-contemporary sleek and lightweight design


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