E-Reader with Content Exclusively from Barnes & Noble Launched by Audiovox

Audiovox Corporation today announced that it has entered
the e-Reader market with a new line to be sold under the RCA brand.
The product launch will be supported by e-content delivered through
Barnes & Noble, the world’s premier destination for e-books,
magazines and newspapers.  

Barnes & Noble has over a million e-titles available as well as
an expansive — and expanding — library of periodicals. An e-commerce
storefront provided by BN.com will facilitate the purchase and
transaction process of e-content, delivery of e-content and the
maintenance of a digital library of consumer purchases.

The Audiovox e-Reader will be called Lexi? and it is one of the most
advanced and easiest models to use on the market today with a six-inch
E Ink display with 800 x 600 pixels of resolution, 16-level gray
scale, 2GB of storage and a rechargeable battery that delivers 7,000
page turns.  Lexi also features ezTurn functionality for either left or
right handed page turning and has Auto-Magic content synchronization,
which simplifies the loading of the device and eliminates the need to
drag and drop files.

Tom Malone, president, Audiovox
Electronics Corporation, noted, "We believe the key to success in the
e-book market is the combination of high quality readers with unique
features coupled with a comprehensive catalogue of digital content. Our
e-reader will meet that challenge and the exclusive agreement we have
with Barnes & Noble will solidify our place in the market and
insure that our customers will have a virtually unlimited source of
quality reading content from the world’s largest bookseller."

RCA’s Lexi will ship preloaded with Barnes & Nobles Desktop
Reader Windows/MAC software for reading, purchasing and managing
content and it will also contain Adobe Reader Mobile technology,
making it interoperable and fully compatible with PDF and ePub formats.
The product is expected to hit retailers in May 2010 and has an anticipated MSRP of $229.99.


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