Ext Playlist Plugin released by Moyea Software

Moyea Software Co., Ltd.a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the first release of Ext Playlist Plugin which can create multiple-style playlists outside the flash video player(customized by Moyea Web Player) on webpage.

Moyea Ext Playlist Plugin is one of the 12 useful plugins used to extend the capabilities of Moyea Web Player. This plugin not only enables its users to create adorable external playlists with easy steps, but also allows them to customize their own style external playlists with Javascript, CSS and HTML.

What Makes Moyea Ext Playlist Plugin Different?

  • It provides 3 flexible ways for all-level users to make whatever-look external playlists – naive users can simply have external playlist done by adding its ID while for expert users, they can download the CSS file for free from Moyea website or use their own CSS and JS to customize more personalized external playlists.
  • It’s able to create multiple external playlists for one flash video player – all for one with no limitation! Users can make several external playlists at once with various style and layout to match player itself or the webpage where it is going to be placed.
  • It supports to display video thumbnail, video title, video description and length by default –video information like thumbnail, title, description and length are editable and can be displayed by the generated external playlist properly by default.
  • It generates “OverMovie” playlist and will auto-hide during video playback – the special “OverMovie” style playlist customized by this plugin overlaps on the top of player and navigates video content in the simplest way. It’s neat and space-saving because it will auto-hide during video playback.

What Costs to Have Moyea Ext Playlist Plugin V1.0:
Moyea Ext Playlist Plugin has a free trial version for downloading via the below link. All the functions are exactly the same as registered version except a watermark hyperlinked to Moyea website will appear on the top right of the FLV player. Just pay a little extra to upgrade it to registered version and enjoy the lifelong updates and prior technical supports.

System Requirement of Moyea Ext Playlist Plugin V1.0:
It’s definitely a small plugin that works with Moyea Web Player V2.0 and up versions under Windows 7 and Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista.


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