Microsoft Announces Game Room on Xbox Live

Xbox Live is developing a new service: a room of arcade games in which your avatar can meet and play good old terminals.

The arrival of the Game Room is not really a surprise since it was already for a few rumors. There were plenty more so than Microsoft to formalize this "game room". This has now happened last night at CES 2010 with video support. If you’ve always dreamed of having a room dedicated to video games, where sat a huge number of arcade games with old ladies in your heart, Microsoft has done, but virtual.

Microsoft announces more than 1,000 available games, old games like Millipede, Football, Sub Hunt, Space Hawk, Astrosmash, Armor Battle, Sea Battle and Star Raiders. Of course, to play, he will put his hand in the pocket of 240 to 400 points to get a complete game or 40 points to complete a quick game.

The Game Room is also a forum where you will be able to communicate with other players present or simply watch games in progress.


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