Google Chrome 4.0 for Mac

Google offers developers a new test version of Google Chrome 4.0. The Mac will catch up with its counterparts.

It is not a new beta version of Google Chrome 4.0 that everyone is invited to test (for all platforms since mid-December), but a test version for developers to download via dedicated channel. With the latter, the Mac version fills some gaps, or at least some delay compared to Windows and Linux.

Google has in effect conceded that the adaptation to the Mac OS X has not been easy. Several features have failed in the call for Google Chrome beta 4.0 including support for extensions, synchronization of bookmarks. These features are enabled in the trial version released yesterday, and then a quick finish in the beta and final.

Remember that Google offers a gallery official extensions for Chrome. As for synchronizing bookmarks, it is accessible from the wrench menu and the user must connect to a Google account so they are transmitted. On another computer, you must request this feature, enter their usernames and decide whether or not the bookmarks should be merged. Synchronization still poses some problems on Mac OS with a crash when creating a new folder.

According to Net Applications, Google Chrome would become the third web browser most used in the world.


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