PIMS releases Allscripts Ophthalmology SaaS EMR services

Precision Information Management Services (PIMS) announced the launch of SaaS EMR services for Ophthalmology practices and physicians looking to migrate to Allscripts EHR Pro. The EMR SaaS service has been launched with an aim to enable physicians to obtain all benefits of the Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) without significant spending on purchase, installation, maintenance and upgrades of the EMR software in-house.

The SaaS EMR model is ideally suited for ophthalmologists and ophthalmology practices with limited budget and resources. An EMR SaaS system does not require high upfront costs of server purchase or IT support. Also, the Electronic Medical Record System EMR software automatically updates as new releases are made. This saves time when compared to in house EMR systems that require you to make the updates on each computer within the practice.

Ophthalmology content is now available for Allscripts Professional EHR/EMR and PIMS can help physicians in implementing EMR in their Ophthalmology practice. PIMS announces a new ASP model that will host Allscripts Ophthalmology EHR Pro and Practice Management Software. Providing on-line access to physician practices that wish to outsource their IT concerns, PIMS data center will have secure dual pipe high speed internet access with automatic failover, anti-virus protection, back-up options and disaster recovery abilities. PIMS will automatically handle hardware and software upgrades that will allow the ophthalmology practices it services to focus on providing patient care, maximizing ROI and meeting HIPPA compliances.

“Using Precision Eye Care as a demonstration site, PIMS can show you via live webinar how the system works and allow you to personally visualize the workflow and efficiency in a functioning office. This is an important decision for your organization, you definitely want to pick the right team”, says Dr. Richard Davis, President of PIMS.

Allscripts is a leader in software, services, information and connectivity solutions that empower physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver best-in-class patient safety, clinical outcomes and financial results. Nationwide, more than 150,000 physicians, 700 hospitals and thousands of other healthcare providers in clinics, post-acute care facilities, and homecare agencies utilize Allscripts solutions to automate and connect their clinical and business operations.

PIMS provides EMR software maintenance, technical assistance and software support for a fixed-cost-per-user, ensuring limited strain on a solo physician or a small and medium size practice setup with limited budgets or resources. “Our advanced data center and dual pipe access to the internet are built to host the Allscripts Professional EHR application so all your organization would need is a fast internet connection, fire wall and a router to connect your local machines. The data is securely handled, backed up and owned solely by your practice.” says Dr. Richard Davis.

Allscripts EHR Pro can work in a true client/server environment in your facility where you or a consultant manages all the IT needs, or it can be effortlessly accessed through a fast and secure internet connection to a SAAS (software as a Service) provider. PIMS can provide that functionality for your organization. When you make the jump to EHR, you really need to be with a company that is robust and will be sure to have the resources to meet the federal regulations and ensure you receive the deserved stimulus funds and PIMS can meets all these requirements. Allscripts EHR Pro is ideally suited for small and medium practices.

Allscripts is the country’s largest provider of computer solutions to the medical community and has one of the premier EHR packages, with limited availability to Ophthalmology. Developed by a practicing clinician in a busy office environment who has over 10 years of experience working on EHR, the package has been in beta testing and now up and running for several months. Over 5,000 patient visits have been entered and now the content is available through PIMS.


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