Awaiting Launch Of The Pentium 5

INTEL “our friendly neighbourhood hardware giant” is once again making new waves in processor chip technology. Introducing the Pentium 5 the “Big P” of all processors is soon to be launched in mid October. So can we expect a whole new experience in pc technology.

The Pentium 5 processor will be available in speeds from 5.0 to 7.0 GHz. The P5’s consists of multi threading which is the latest technology to be incorporated and is touted to be better than Hyper threading technology.
P5 features a 2mb of L2 cache and is constructed on a 90 nm process. Due to its unique design, the P5 can simultaneously take on multitasking of a number of programs very efficiently, with no hang-ups or system strain.

Initial price is expected between Rs.15, 000 to 20,000.


The P5 will be compatible with Windows XP 64bit (beta). The trail version can be downloaded from Microsoft for limited time period of 360 days.

Submitted By: Rave


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