Security Cam application for Iphone

Developer Crowded Road has had a rather difficult time getting its Security Cam App approved. In fact, it claims its app was submitted to Apple back in December of 2008, yet was just approved recently. This lengthy approval time shouldn’t be too surprising, as the idea of turning one’s iPhone into a possible spying device could be a troubling concept to some.

Security Cam offers two camera-related functions: frequency capture, which lets you set a specific frequency for how often the iPhone’s camera will take a photo, and audio trigger, which takes a photo whenever a customizable, pre-defined level of noise is detected. A third mode, frequency and audio, combines the two features, taking photos at predetermined intervals as well as whenever the sound threshold is met. All photos are time and date stamped.

While these features sound reasonably useful, a few nice additions to see in the future would be motion activation and a video-recording option. The app’s $1 price tag may be enough to earn it a fair amount of downloads, but the biggest stumbling block Security Cam will have to overcome is convincing users that they have no better use for their iPhones than as makeshift security cameras.


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