Google’s new search engine Caffeine leaked out

The question is whether Google is deploying its new research infrastructure.

Caffeine is the codename for the next generation architecture for Web Search operated by Google. The Mountain View company has revealed that this project last summer as part of a test phase.

Admittedly Google, ordinary users should not necessarily see real differences in the search results. Still, Google has still promised to improve the speed of indexing search results for the near real time, creating an index largest and also impact on relevance.

Several webmasters, Caffeine beginning to be deployed in data centers, says that Google has yet not confirmed. Neowin has compiled a small list of data centers suspected to be already switched to Caffeine. In practice, this is not really convincing.

To see if Google will communicate on the subject in the coming hours. For lrbtrax several changes Google have recently been introduced with effect on the ranking of some sites, the speed of research. This company specializes in Internet marketing believes however that the full launch of Caffeine has not yet occurred.


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