OCZ introduces SW6315 SSD USB 3.0 at CES

Under the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, United States, OCZ has introduced the SW6315, a SSD external compact and high performance.

Along 12 centimeters to 5.6 centimeters wide, 1 cm thick and 87.7 grams on the scales, he has an aluminum body, which gives it a certain cachet, and it provides good impact resistance.

Based on Symwave a controller and NAND flash memory type MLC (Multiple Level Cell, 3 bits per cell, 10 000 write cycles per cell), the SSD (Solid State Drive) can accommodate 64, 128 or 256 GB depending on model.

Debit side, orchestrated demonstrations at the Consumer Electronics Show showed a compatible USB 3.0 allowing it to peak at 182.7 MBps read and 143.6 MB/s write. Without reaching the 5 Gbit/s theoretical standard, good performance expected at the presentation last November are the rendezvous.

It remains now to find out the price of storage solutions, nothing had filtered to the moment about marketing.


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