Social Networking application for Iphone is released

Orbit Media has released a new social networking application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Orbit Social Phonebook application helps users to organize commonly used communication channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and SMS, into one central location. Within the app users can organize contacts into groups or "Inner Orbits" allowing them to sort relevant information together. In addition, a "Social Volume control" allows users to adjust how frequently communications from individual contacts or specific Orbits is received, allowing users to "turn down the volume" on updates from various connected "friends."

Aimed at centralizing phonebooks and contact lists across both devices — a Blackberry-optimized version is already available and users can expect an app for Android phones as well — and across various social networks: in essence, unifying the phone book to simplify updates and sharing of contact information. Support for LinkedIn contacts is also expected in the coming months.

Orbit Social Phonebook also includes standard phonebook functions that enable users to make calls, send SMS messages, and e-mail contacts listed in the app. Advanced phonebook features include enhanced A-to-Z scrolling and auto-generated favorite lists.


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