Westinghouse to release its 6 new LED HDTV’s

Known for creating HDTVs that aim to compete with pricier models on price, not design, Westinghouse on Thursday announced six new LED-backlit HDTVs. The models range in size from 24 to 42 inches on the diagonal, with the 1.5-inch-thick 42-inch LD-4255VX leading the pack.

Westinghouse’s edge-lit LED models feature last year’s LED technology, lacking headlining features such as 3D support or LED backlights with local dimming. The 42-inch LD-4255VX is very energy-efficient, consuming just 80 watts of power at its brightest setting – that’s less than a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Smaller models are even more efficient: the 24-inch LD-2455VX and the 26-inch LD-2655VX and LD-2685VX models consume under 40 watts of power, nearly half the power consumption of the 26-inch SK-26H640G, which we reviewed last year.

Westinghouse’s new 1080p models include the LD-4255VX and 26-inch LD-2685VX, while the remaining four models, including the 32-inch LD-3255VX, offer 720p output. All six TVs are compliant with the Energy Star 5.0 rating. The new models will hit store shelves in March, though pricing has yet to be announced


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