R420, Radeon X800PRO/XT features new compression

THERE’S ONLY one thing about the new ATI marchitecture that we haven’t reported on yet. ATI calls it 3Dc and it’s a new way of compression that this chip will include.
I guess ATI didn’t want us in Canada because it didn’t want us to learn about its new chips and its capabilities too soon.

The last piece of the puzzle is this 3Dc compression that ATI is willing to supply as an open standard and this marchitecture looks very impressive, at least on paper.

3Dc will be able to perform similar level of quality as normal non compressed textures, we learn, but it wont be able to compress all data. It might lose information about light and shadow stuff

News source: theinquirer.net It will certainly speed things up r and R300 marchitecture tweaked up to R420 runs things faster then without. ATI is claiming 8.8 to 1 compression for R300 if I remember correctly and it was always rather good with these optimisations. However, I’d urge caution about these claims, as the R300 could compress data in 8.8 to 1 ratio only if you were talking about a black screen with information about only the black shade.

It’s another piece of BlueCrystalKit to make your 950/1000MHz memory look better, that’s for sure. µ


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