Dell notebooks with core i5 and i7 system unveiled

The new Dell Alienware M11x mini-notebook offers 15-inch laptop graphics and performance in an 11-inch form factor along with support for 720p resolutions and HDMI output using a next-generation Nvidia GT 335M processor. Dell also introduced its companion 23-inch 3D full HD widescreen monitor, which provides an stereoscopic 3D experience when running PC game titles with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. The Alienware OptX AW2310 is available for $500 (NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit not included).

Dell also updated its 17-inch Alienware M17x and 15-inch M15x notebooks, with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. The entry level 15-inch model is now available and priced at $1,399, sports the new processors along with 512MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M, 3GB of DDR3 at 1066MHz, a 250GB SATAII (7,200RPM) drive, internal High-Definition 5.1 surround sound, and an illuminated keyboard. The base configuration includes a (dual-core) Core i5-540M running at 2.53GHz with 3MB of cache and 3.06GHz Turbo mode, while an upgrade to the (dual-core) Core i7-640M with larger 4MB of cache and faster 3.3.3GHz Turo mode is just $100. Both support four threads. Options for quad-core Core i7s offer slower clock speeds, but offer more cores (4), larger thread capacity (8) and larger cache for $100 (6MB) and $400 (8MB), respectively. The form factor remains the same at nearly 15-inch wide and less than 2-inch high (14.8"x12.2"x1.92").

Dell also added new Core i7 options to the 17-model, but those options for order and pricing were not immediately available.


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