Mobile Embedded Hotspot Launched by Wi2Wi

Wi2Wi, Inc.
is a leader in developing multiple-radio solutions that fulfill the
businesses and consumers’ growing demand for connectivity. Wi2Wi’s
Mobile Embedded Hotspot technology has been recognized for bringing
businesses and consumers ultimate mobility by delivering a truly mobile
Internet Access Point.

Wi2Wi’s Mobile
Embedded Hotspot (MEH) turns any business and consumer electronic
device with an Internet connection into a pocket-sized wireless
hotspot. The MEH enables mobile Internet users to carry a Wi-Fi hotspot
with them wherever they go, and supports up to 8 users. Now MIDs,
smart-phones, digital cameras, PMPs, and PNDs can operate as full
featured Wi-Fi access points, sharing the portable & mobile devices
fixed broadband & 3G connections to the Internet.

“Wi2Wi’s Mobile Embedded Hotspot is a perfect solution for embedded
WiFi applications where the Wi2Wi module can operate as the client or a
Micro Access point supporting multiple clients simultaneously,” said Reza Ahy,
Wi2Wi’s CEO, “the dynamic or static configuring of the portable or
handheld devices as a rapidly deployable Access Point in the field,
instantly enables a broad spectrum of applications for MIDs, UMPCs,
industrial, medical, education, & defense markets.”

MEH technology enables the transformation of portable devices (such as
MIDs and mobile handsets) into micro Wi-Fi Access Points where Wi-Fi
enabled devices can share the fixed broadband or 3G connection to the
internet. It also enables MIDs, (and other portable devices),
smart-phones and other Wi-Fi enabled products such as laptops, cameras
and printers to communicate with each other without requiring access to
the cellular network. This technology allows robust real-time streaming
of audio/video content over Wi-Fi networks, and is backward compatible
with earlier generation Wi-Fi enabled products.

The MEH technology is available in the following 3 products currently in mass production:

W2SW0001 – 802.11b/g SiP
W2CBW003 – 802.11b/g+BT SiP
W2CBWG01 – 802.11b/g +BT+ GPS – Half mini card


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