Cloud Base Video Recording Services From Cybrewatch

Cyberwatch Security Communication leader
in the System and Software Integration for IP Video and Physical
Security Systems introduces Managed High Definition Video Security
Services for Physical Access Control Applications. The original
developer of Cyberwatch managed software service solution Hamid
Marshall from Cyberwatch implemented a solution based on the industry
standard Digital Video Recorder systems at the commencement of this
service in 2007. Rapid ascend of Mega Pixel cameras provided an
opportunity to expand on those concepts and provide remote and managed
services for the Mega Pixel camera systems. In this framework edge
recorders were deployed at the sites of the camera installations and
archived video files are transferred to the cloud storage with fast
file transfer protocol in scheduled time slots in order to optimized
the bandwidth allocation of the networks. The design of the network and
Wide Area Network interfaces, provisioning of the camera and recording
software are the keys to a secure and reliable data path back to cloud
servers for additional processing and storage of the video files.
Cyberwatch has developed a complete package for these solution ready
for deployment in the field. Please contact Cyberwatch at 408-487-0664 for further. Software Development and System Integration for IP Video and Access
Control Systems. Development of Embedded software and firmware for
Video recording, Video Analytic and Video Communication Systems.


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