Warehouse Safety Hazards and Solutions Guide from Graphic Products

A new “Warehouse Safety Hazards and
Solutions Guide
” is now available free from Graphic Products, Inc. It
lists common warehouse safety hazards, presents safety solutions and
provides “Think Safety” checklists for avoiding certain hazards.

"Safety hazards in a warehouse like forklifts, electrical wiring,
docks and use of poor ergonomics contribute to a myriad of injuries and
deaths each year,” said Daniel Evans, assistant marketing manager at
Graphic Products. “It’s so crucial not only to recognize warehouse
safety hazards but to understand effective solutions for preventing
them in the first place, and that’s where this new guide steps in.”

By listing up front 10 OSHA standards for which warehousing
establishments are most frequently cited, the “Warehouse Safety Hazards
and Solutions Guide” immediately speaks to the reality of working in
such a potentially dangerous environment.

It then lists specific hazards presented to warehouse workers,
including unsafe use of forklifts, improper stacking of products,
failure to use personal protective equipment, failure to follow proper
lockout/tagout procedures and repetitive motion injuries.

Safety solutions are presented in an orderly manner within the guide for each of the following hazards:

  •    Forklifts
  •    Docks
  •    Conveyors
  •    Materials Storage
  •    Manual Lifting/Handling
  •    Charging Stations
  •    Poor Ergonomics
  •    General Hazards
  •    Materials Handling

An excerpt from the guide introduces some of the solutions to fire and explosion hazards related to charging stations:

  •  Prohibit smoking and open flames in and around charging stations (mark these areas with signs)
  •  Provide adequate ventilation to disperse fumes from gassing batteries
  •  Ensure that fire extinguishers are available and fully charged
    (identify fire extinguisher locations with highly visible signs)

Another excerpt from the guide allows a peak into part of a “Think Safety” checklist for hazard communication safety:

  •  All hazardous materials containers are properly labeled, indicating the chemicals’ identity, the manufacturer’s name and address, and appropriate hazard warnings.
  •  The facility has written a program that covers hazard
    determination, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), labeling
    and training
  •  Employees use proper personal protective equipment when handling chemicals

“What we’ve done is compiled pertinent information as a means to
offer valuable safety insights to anyone working in warehouse
operations,” said Evans.
The seven-page “Warehouse Safety Hazards and Solutions Guide” is
available, free of charge, from Graphic Products. It may be requested
by calling Graphic Products at 1-888-326-9244.


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