Trustive’s provides its WiFi access on Google android

Trustive, a leading international WiFi access provider and No 1 in
Europe, is very proud to be launching a new version of its MyHotspotter
WiFi client (connection management software) for Google AndroidTM.

Trustive’s strategy has long been to provide a viable alternative to
traditional 3G roaming. WiFi is cheaper, faster and easier than 3G and
demand for WiFi is increasing exponentially thanks to the growing
popularity of an ever increasing range of WiFi enabled devices, from
smartphones, to laptop computers, to handheld gaming devices.

Like its MacBook, ASUS Eee PC and Windows counterparts, MyHotspotter
for Android, which is available for free download from the Android
Market, detects and automates access to Trustive’s international WiFi
hotspot network.

Trustive’s WiFi service enables travellers to keep in touch with
friends and family as normal using VoIP (e.g. skype), IM chat (e.g.
MSN, Yahoo chat) and websites such as Facebook and Twitter. With no
download quotas or hidden costs (unlike 3G tariffs), data heavy tasks
such as checking e-mails, video streaming and uploading and downloading
photos are also feasible.

Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive said "We’ve been
very pleased with the success of our Easy WiFi app [a free MyHotspotter
app for iPhone and iPod Touch that was launched in March 2009] and are
confident that Google Android users will quickly see the benefits of
such a seamless, low-cost WiFi access service too."


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