Liquavista unveils paper-like display which out performs existing eReaders

Following the Launch of LiquavistaColor earlier,
Liquavista BV., have announced an upgrade to its LiquavistaBright
technology platform; their first generation black and white platform
with video capability.  These improvements include a further increase
in brightness, the integration of fully interactive touch-panel
technology and a range of finishing which includes true paper-like
appearance. These specific upgrades enable users to utilise all the
dynamic features of Liquavista’s technology such as video content and
enhanced user interfaces with significantly lower power consumption
than current eBook Readers available on the market today, without
sacrificing the ‘paperlike’ appearance that consumers find appealing.

“Following on from the success of our original LiquavistaBright
release, we have been busy developing our technology in-line with our
roadmaps to deliver even better screen experience to the consumer”
stated Guy Demuynck, Liquavista’s CEO.  “LiquavistaBright enables
consumers to enjoy displays that give them the same paper-like
experience as a printed page, but with the enhanced experience they
expect from fully dynamic and interactive devices. No other technology
offers this range of benefits with such hi-fidelity performance!”

“The future for next generation mobile devices is very exciting as
we continue to develop displays using Liquavista’s advanced
technologies” added CTO and Liquavista founder, Johan Feenstra. “To be
able to announce such a significant upgrade in such a short period of
time is a testament to our ability to develop this exciting technology
on existing LCD manufacturing processes and infrastructure. This is why
we refer to our technology as “LCD2.0”.  This enables us to rapidly
bring exciting new features to life in both usability and performance,
and to quickly react to evolving consumer and market drivers.” 

 “With the existing market for eReaders already starting to
revolutionise the way we read and the way content is delivered, we feel
the time has come that the users had access to a far better
experience.” added Guy Demuynck “We believe an eReader should not just
provide basic reading but also give dynamic user interaction, video,
and web-content.  LiquavistaBright provides all these benefits whilst
further reducing power consumption and extending the product battery

Liquavista are developing three technology platforms
(LiquavistaBright™, LiquavistaColor™ and LiquavistaVivid™) planned for
product implementation throughout 2010/2011. 

The first technology platform, LiquavistaBright, enables a smooth
and fast user interface on eReader devices, thanks to the inherent
video capability plus a new paper-like experience. Being able to move
and scroll the content seamlessly will allow consumers to have a fully
featured UI and significantly larger effective screen, enabling access
to other more traditional online media such as web content and video,
as well as both tabloid and broadsheet newsprint. In addition, these
displays will be brighter and have more contrast than current
solutions. Devices using the LiquavistaBright display can combine the
durable eBook experience, which can be found in the current eReaders,
with a new multimedia experience, which is according to recent
marketing research one of the most requested benefits of future


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