SHARP Electronics selects NetLogic’s Au1250 Processor to Power Electronic Dictionary

SHARP Electronics has announced that it has selected the NetLogic Microsystems Au1250 processor, a member of Alchemy processor family, to power its PM1000 electronic dictionary. In addition to featuring a digital dictionary in seven languages,
SHARP’s PM-1000 electronic dictionary integrates full video, audio, FM
radio, voice recording and photo-storage capabilities.
The PM1000 electronic dictionary runs the Windows CE operating
system. Plus, it’s also compatible with Adobe Flash 7.0. Company
officials said that the PM1000 device integrates 8GB of internal
memory, a 4.3” LCD touchscreen and USB 2.0 interface. Additionally, SHARP’s electronic dictionary also supports multiple multimedia formats, including WMA, WAV (News – Alert), MP3, JPEG and BMP.
“The superior processing and media performance of NetLogic
Microsystems’ Alchemy processors, coupled with low-power profile, have
enabled us to create a highly innovative electronic dictionary whose
performance far surpasses competitive e-dictionaries in terms of power,
performance and rich feature set,” said Jin-Young Yoo, product planning
team manager at SHARP Electronics Incorporated (SEI).
Offering a five-stage pipeline architecture running at 700MHz, NetLogic (News – Alert)
Microsystems’ Au1250 processor integrates a video processor, a LCD
controller with four graphics planes for 32-bit αRGB, and a Media
Acceleration Engine (MAE) for H.264, MPEG 1/2/4, DivX, XviD, WMV9 and
VC-1 hardware acceleration.
“We are excited to have been selected for SHARP Electronics’
electronic dictionary with full video, audio, touch-screen and graphics
capabilities,” saidMike Wodopian ( News – Alert), vice president of marketing for ultra low-power Alchemy processors at NetLogic Microsystems.
Recently, D2 Technologies and NetLogic Microsystems announced the availability of D2’s mCUE converged communications client on NetLogic Microsystems’ (News – Alert) Au1300. The collaborative “solution” will offer OEMs and ODMs an advanced platform for Android (News – Alert)
based IP communications devices. These include media phones that
deliver media-rich embedded applications with an optimized performance,
cost and power-consumption profile.



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