Microsoft continues its struggle for Word and XML

In case the opponent i4i who had his conviction, Microsoft continues to struggle and appealed again to plead his cause.

As of December 2009, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit of the United States in Washington upheld the conviction of Microsoft 290 million dollars in damages for infringement of patent technology owned by the Canadian publisher i4i. In this case, how the software word processing Word 2003 and Word 2007 XML document handle (XML customization).

Besides the fine, Microsoft had until today to remove this XML technology versions of Office Word and sold on American soil. So that Office 2010 is not concerned, because that does not incorporate the disputed technology, Microsoft has done in spreading especially among OEMs a patch for the withdrawal of Custom XML in Office 2007.

However, and while complying with the ruling, Microsoft does not make weapons and is seeking a review of his conviction. Microsoft and maintains the hope of reducing the amount of damages payable and changes in the terms of the injunction.

According to Kevin Kutz, director of public affairs for Microsoft, this decision (the current sentence) could weaken the authority of judges to apply the appropriate safeguards in future trials involving patents.


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