Microsoft Releases Security Update For Early 2010

The first Patch Tuesday of 2010 is very light for Microsoft with a unique program to update security for Windows destination.

Microsoft has decided to light to begin in 2010, while year 2009 was marked by a Patch Tuesday record peak at 13 latest security updates. Good news especially as next Tuesday, Adobe will also publish fixes that a highly anticipated.

The update from Microsoft will be bound for all Windows, from XP to 7 via Vista. It will only correct a vulnerability that the severity index is low for almost all Windows. This means that this vulnerability is extremely difficult to operate or that its impact is minimal. The exception will be for Windows 2000 where this critical vulnerability is announced.

An oversight? Yes, because Microsoft will not release the patch a vulnerability for which exploit code has yet been made public in mid-November 2009. Despite this publication, Microsoft had no knowledge of any attack. This vulnerability Denial of service in SMB (Service Message Block), a service used to share files in Windows. It affects Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

In its security advisory on, Micosoft says that SMB vulnerability can be exploited to take control of a system or install malware. Where appropriate, the extent of bypass is recommended to block TCP ports 139 and 445.


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