Gorilla Group releases SmartStudio: Wedding Photographer Studio Manager 1.0

Gorilla Group, LLC has announced the launch of a new wedding photographer studio management app available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Wedding Photographer Studio Manager app allows wedding photographers to manage their entire studio from the day a prospective bride calls to the day the final product is delivered, all from their iPhone or iPod touch.

The SmartStudio app enables wedding photographers to track and manage payments across multiple bookings and payment milestones, capture prospective clients, manage bookings and the details for each booking – including shot lists, package deliverables, itineraries, contacts, crew members, ideas in picture form, and notes.

"The modern photographer is viewed as a wedding planner by their clients in many respects. SmartStudio gives wedding photographers a central location to store crucial booking information, payment data and details that can otherwise be overwhelming to manage," said Andy Anderson, owner of Gorilla Group, LLC.

"While many wedding photographer studio management solutions cost $50/month or more and confine you to a computer and an internet connection, SmartStudio is refreshingly mobile for a one-time cost. Mobility is an absolute requirement in the wedding photography community," Andy suggested in a recent interview.

"SmartStudio is integrated with Google Maps which gives iPhone users the ability to navigate via GPS to locations in their itinerary. It’s like having an eager assistant in your pocket. The only thing it doesn’t do is bring you your morning double tall 1.5 pump white mocha." Andy joked.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod touch 3.1.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
SmartStudio: Wedding Photographer Studio Manager 1.0 is only $29.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photography category.


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