The LG GW820 picoprojecteur

The GW820 LG, or LG expo, is currently distributed only through the U.S. operator AT & T but it may soon cross the border with its new accessory: a picoprojecteur using DLP technology from Texas Instrument . Through this small module, which is grafted to the back of the phone, battery level, it is possible to project itself to the accurate reproduction of the posters on the phone display. Depending on the decline, it provides a viewing area up to 40 inches, we can use to watch videos or project presentations. Indeed, it is mainly for professionals that LG intended this device.

Powered by Snapdragon processor at 1 GHz, the GW820 uses Windows Mobile 6.5. It offers a sliding full keyboard, a 3.2 inch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and digital camera 5 megapixels, plus 16GB of memory and a microSD slot.


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