New Interactive Store Kiosk with Microsoft Silverlight Technology at NRF 2010 From Escalate Retail

Escalate Retail today announced that it will
premiere and demonstrate its Interactive Store Kiosk application at the
National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 99th Annual Convention
and Expo in New York, January 10-13, 2010 (booth #619.) The Interactive
Store Kiosk application, deployed on industry-leading hardware from HP,
leverages Microsoft Multi-touch and Silverlight technologies to deliver
rich product catalog browsing, highly detailed product features, social
shopping features, and “endless aisle” shopping supported by rich
multimedia capabilities.

While store
kiosks of the past have been one-dimensional and lacking in
shopper-friendly features, Escalate’s Interactive Store Kiosk will
allow consumers to “shop how they think.” Microsoft Multi-touch
technology responds to multiple points of touch contact simultaneously
and allows shoppers to “grab” digital information with their hands and
interact with on-screen content by touch and gesture, without a mouse
or keyboard. Customers can access the entire product catalog (“endless
aisle”), browse video content that’s relevant to their shopping
choices, view the retailer’s latest social networking stream, read
customer reviews in-store, create, update, and shop wish lists and gift
registries, and more.

With today’s retail market more competitive and consumers more
discriminating than ever, retailers must continue finding ways to stay
relevant and connected to their customers at all times. Shoppers
typically cannot get substantial product information from the brief
details available in the aisle and on the packaging. Without confidence
that they are choosing the best option, many will window shop in-store
and decide to do more research online at home before committing to a
specific model. Then, they may very well choose to purchase online from
a competitor.

By offering shoppers the entire product catalog combined with rich
product descriptions, photos, video, customer reviews and more – all at
their fingertips – they can comparison shop between brands and feel
confident that they are making an informed purchase decision without
walking out of the store.

“Our Interactive Store Kiosk brings a unique opportunity for retailers
to provide their customers with a comprehensive product research portal
in the store that’s innovative and engaging,” said Mike Julson, CTO of
Escalate Retail. “By utilizing Microsoft Silverlight on the kiosk with
the Multi-touch capability, we were able to create an immersive user
experience with deep-zoom technology for browsing products
interactively and accessing high-quality product images without
affecting store connectivity. Finally, our Interactive Store Kiosk
accesses exposed business logic through web services on our
multichannel e-Commerce platform leveraging the same product content,
pricing, customer reviews and more that are used in other channels.”

“We share Escalate’s commitment to help our retail customers deliver a
consistent shopping experience through seamless multi-channel
integration and via innovative technologies, including self-service,
using solutions such as Microsoft Multi-touch and Silverlight,” said
Brendan O’Meara, managing director, worldwide retail industry,
Microsoft. “Because of our breadth of consumer relationships and
insight, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to enable our retail industry
partners to create compelling virtual connected experiences, such as
Escalate’s Interactive Store Kiosk, for their customers aligned with
their other offerings – online, in-store or mobile.”


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