QuickStart Annouced by 4Point

Four Point Solutions Ltd. (4Point) is a leading Adobe(R) Gold Solution Partner. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, 4Point has presence in the United States and Europe.
Many leading organizations, including numerous Fortune 1000 companies,
have entrusted 4Point as their provider of document-centric enterprise

4Point’s QuickStart Solutions help companies easily institute
desired business process automation capabilities, which involves
streamlining processes to create a seamless experience that improves
efficiency, reduces IT support, and cuts costs. 4Point created an
eInvoice QuickStart Solution to help put companies on the right track
to delivering significant invoicing results and benefiting from
substantial savings

Built with Adobe(R) LiveCycle(R) Enterprise Suite, the 4Point
eInvoice QuickStart fully integrates with existing systems, handles
complex data flows, allows for digital signing with an add-on module,
and ensures secure delivery. The solution lets companies start with a
limited deployment, accelerate return on investment, and then expand
the solution to include more departments or regions, as desired. Making
the change to eInvoicing saves organizations money. Customers benefit
from a significant reduction of resources used, faster processes, as
well as the satisfaction of going green through paper reduction.

"By means of customer feedback, we noticed an increasing need in the
market for rapid deployment solutions that would allow customers to
experience a return on investment almost straight away, yet would
instill a confidence that further expanding the solution would continue
to positively affect their company," said Barrie Ellis,
President & CEO of 4Point. "We’ve built the solution on the Adobe
LiveCycle platform to ensure that it can be expanded into a full
eInvoice solution or even integrated more deeply into the organization
with additional modules from Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite."

4Point has joined with partners SafeNet(R) and GlobalSign(R) to
enhance their eInvoice QuickStart solution. SafeNet, a global leader in
information security with more than 25 years of experience, ensures
complete protection when it comes to communications, intellectual
property, and digital identities. GlobalSign, a WebTrust accredited and
well-established leader in issuing publicly trusted electronic
identities since 1996 enabling secure eCommerce. With the help of these
companies, 4Point is offering an eInvoice QuickStart Digital Signature
Module in addition to the core module. This module includes services
from SafeNet and GlobalSign that will guarantee your eInvoice’s

"SafeNet looks to partner with companies that can together leverage
our areas of expertise and offer customers an easy to use and
cost-effective solution which solves an immediate business challenge,"
said Chris Fedde, president and COO,
SafeNet. "This partnership brings to market a highly scalable and
secure electronic signature solution, ensuring the authenticity and
integrity of eInvoices."

"Our partnership and the release of the 4Point eInvoice QuickStart
will let organizations start digitally signing invoices immediately,
allowing us to effectively respond to current U.S. and European VAT
invoicing needs that require long-term storage often up to 20 years,"
continues Katsuo Chujo, Director of U.S. Marketing, of GlobalSign.

"4Point’s QuickStart solution is a great example of how partners are
using Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite to build repeatable solutions
that transform the way customer communications are created and securely
delivered," said Sydney Sloan, director of LiveCycle product marketing and marketing operations at Adobe.

Customers can purchase the core package, add the eInvoice QuickStart
Digital Signature Module, or can extend their 4Point eInvoice
QuickStart to include even more benefits, such as additional
pre-designed custom eInvoice templates. With pre-packaged and
customized options, there is a perfectly tailored eInvoicing solution
for everyone.


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