Plextor Launches First SSD and PX-880UE DVD Writer

The manufacturer Plextor, specialist in storage solutions, introduced its first SSD in the event the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA.

C  e first SSD for the firm known for its Blu-ray and DVD recorders enjoys an aluminum hull, which gives it a certain cachet, and it provides good impact resistance.

 At 2.5 inch operator interface and SATA, it uses a Marvell controller of origin, a memory cache and 64 MB of NAND flash memory type MLC (Multiple Level Cell, 3 bits per cell, 10 000 write cycles per cell).

 Performance ahead with averages up to 110 MB / s read and up to 65 MBps write.  Plextor indicates availability in versions 64 and 128GB in the first quarter. No information, however the prices to be charged.


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