China News from U.S. Hit by Denial of Service Cyber Attack

Concurrent with the Chinese cyber attack on Google’s gmail, VerticalNews China
was the subject of a denial of service (DoS) attack on Wednesday that originated
from China.  The company also publishes the
popular China Weekly News, and both titles are available on the Internet.

VerticalNews China is a product of NewsRx, a 25-year-old news publisher
headquartered in Atlanta. The attack was quickly
stopped when the company’s IP service identified the source and blocked it.

"Your VerticalNews site was getting a denial-of-service attack (DoS attack)
from someone in China.  We went ahead and quickly
blocked the source IP address at the router level," according to NewsRx’s IP
service located in Bowie, Maryland.

"In a DoS attack, they are not hacking into your machine, but are preventing
it from being usable to everyone else by sending very high volumes of traffic in
very short amounts of time.  I think you may have been targeted because of your
VerticalNews China coverage."

VerticalNews China covers day-to-day business news, medical research,
manufacturing and technology developments in China. It does not have a political agenda, but is a
major supplier of detailed, in-depth news about China. Today’s issue is fairly typical of its coverage,
including articles on the number of gas stations in China; a report that Liberty Mutual Group Insurance has
received permission to open an office in Zhejiang; that CBI China will host the third annual
China Petrochemical Summit; that Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited has
received an award; and a report that forecasts Asia
jet fleet growth will expand 80%, led by China.

"I do know that the large-scale attack originated in China, and now that we know it can happen, we’ve taken
steps to hopefully prevent future disruptions," said Susan
, publisher at NewsRx, the parent company of VerticalNews. "We have
every intention to continue coverage of vital news about China."

VerticalNews China and VerticalNews India were launched by NewsRx in 2009, to
expand the company’s coverage of the Far East.  The content is also available at
the online sites of Lexis Nexis, Dialog, ProQuest and Gale through the
additional VerticalNews titles China Weekly News, China Business Newsweekly,
Journal of India, India Business Newsweekly, and
Asia Business Newsweekly.


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