3ality Digital Launches World’s First 3D TV Services

BSkyB (Sky), the UK’s leading entertainment and communications company, and
3ality Digital, LLC, the world’s premier provider of 3D
technology, have announced they are to collaborate on the launch of what will
become the first 3D TV services in the UK and Ireland.  Launching in 2010, Sky’s 3D TV services will
use 3ality Digital’s state-of-the-art camera rigs and image processors to
capture much of the programming it plans to broadcast.

Sky’s 3D TV service will be broadcast across Sky’s existing High Definition
(HD) infrastructure and be available via the current generation of Sky+HD
set-top boxes.  1.6 million homes are already equipped with Sky+HD.  To watch 3D
content, Sky+HD customers are only required to upgrade to a 3D-enabled
television set, a wide range of which will begin to be retailed in 2010.

"The launch of Sky’s 3D TV services this year will mark a milestone in
British broadcasting, giving customers a whole new dimension to their TV viewing
experience," said Brian Lenz, Sky’s Director of
Product Design and TV Product Development.  "Utilizing 3ality Digital’s
technology and equipment will be a key component in providing our customers with
a cutting edge entertainment experience."

"Sky is leading the way in its commitment to offering the next generation of
television," said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality
Digital Systems, the technology and production arm of 3ality Digital, LLC. "The
success of its 3D broadcasting initiative is critical to the industry.  We are
proud that Sky has selected 3ality Digital as the camera and image processing
systems supporting its launch."

"We’re proud to collaborate with Sky as the company works to deliver on its
commitment to pioneer 3D broadcasting," said 3ality Digital, LLC CEO Sandy Climan. "Our state-of-the-art automation processes
and the full metadata capture built into our camera platforms will ensure Sky 3D
programming is compelling, immersive and dynamic."

The agreement with Sky represents the latest in a long line of broadcast
firsts for 3ality Digital. In the past 13 months alone, 3ality Digital
technology powered the first-ever live 3D broadcast of an NFL game and the first
live 3D sports broadcast available to consumers.

During the same period, the company also shot the live-action footage for the
first 3D commercial broadcast on television, as well as the first episode of a
scripted television series shot in digital live-action 3D.

Sky’s 3D TV service will provide its customers with a comprehensive mix of
programming, spanning sports, movies, entertainment, documentaries and the arts,
including live content.

"3ality Digital has always felt that it was essential to develop tools that
integrate seamlessly into a standard 2D production environment, and enable the
capture of professional quality live-action 3D with minimal impact on workflow,"
said Howard Postley, COO/CTO of 3ality Digital
Systems.  "Sky put these tools through a rigorous testing process, and we are
delighted that we met its expectations."

3ality Digital began making its automated 3flex™ camera rigs available for
sale in April, 2009 as part of the company’s continuing effort to expand the
creation and distribution of  live-action 3D entertainment. Developed using
proprietary intellectual property, the rigs are manufactured to aerospace-level
precision. When used with 3ality Digital’s rig software controller (SPC) and
Stereo Image Processing Systems (SIPS), the 3flex rigs allow operators to
capture nearly pixel-perfect live-action 3D footage.

3flex camera systems use sophisticated artificial intelligence to sense the
environment and ensure the highest image quality. The systems feature
semi-automatic setup and alignment, as well as full 3D metadata output.


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