Google Consider Closing Their Office In China

Google consider to exit the Chinese market, the main reason is their
email service Gmail suffered from China’s complex network attack.
In the official Google blog,google’s chief law officer said
google is reluctant to review the engine results from,they
will discuss if it could make a search engines which don’t need  any
filter & check in the framework of low.

Google considering terminating its operations in China is the top
of many incidents . The decision is formal Proposed after google found
they were involved in debates of Chinese writer Book scanning  in the
Google .according to google, they said they found targeted attacks
which come from china cause the company’s intellectual property theft.

Google’s survey found that attack id not only arm at google,at
least another 20 companies are also been attacked,including the
Internet, finance, technology, media and chemical industries, etc..
Google also alert these companies, and to cooperate with the U.S.

Google says that they have evidence that "the attacker main
objective is to enter the Chinese human rights activists of the Gmail
account. Such attack was found in December 2009." Investigations done
so far from view, such an attack without success. "Only two Gmail
accounts seem to have been entered, the object of their activities
limited to account information (such as account creation date, etc.)
and thematic content rather than the message itself."

As part of the investigation, Google also found that many human
rights advocacy in China, the United States, China and Europe, Gmail
users frequently under didn’t opened the security under
google’s some users’ computer may poisoned after
received Phishing messages and malicious e-mail.

Allegations of these attacks & Monitoring is only a new little
foil Inter-relationship between Google and China. Google often suffer
from Periodic criticism since google promote freedom of expression in
Google said although they have been declared to exit from china,they are still in efforts to address the issue at hand.

Recalling the operation of Google operations in China, this
decision is indeed very hard, However, Google believe that this
potentially very significant, which is totally the U.S. headquarters
for consideration,it doesn’t matter wich staff in china , They have
worked very hard in the well enough successful of Google. Cn.


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