Kingston will replace affected secure flash drives with new products

You may have heard by now that the encryption that was being used on
some secured flash drives was found to be not as secure as expected.
Some drives could have the securitybypassed making the data stored on the drive susceptible to theft.

Kingston produces several secure flash drives that were affected by the issue and the company has announced that it will be replacing the affected drives with new products. The affected Kingston drives include the DataTraveler BlackBox (DTBB), DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition (DTSP) and DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition (DTEP).

The DTBB will be replaced with a FIPS-certified replacement. The
DTSP and the DTEP will be replaced with the DataTraveler Vault –
Privacy Edition. Kingston says that it was notified of the issue with
its secure drives in mid-December.



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