Wondershare Time Shuttle Released by Wondershare Software

Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. today announced release of Wondershare
Time Shuttle
(compatible with Windows 7) on official website.
It’s an unprecedentedly powerful and convenient system restore and file
recovery utility, one can instantly save computer from system crashes,
virus attacks, malware harassment and any other non-hardware troubles
in 20 seconds as well as recover individual deleted, lost, damaged
files without restoring the whole hard drive data. "As a group member of this software, I myself am impressed by the
amazing features of it. Compared with other restore software, it will
bring users never-experienced convenience and rapidness, making every
restore and recovery as you like. With Time Shuttle, a computer green
hand can turn into a troubleshooting professional." said Jackson, Wondershare Time Shuttle group leader.

Key Features of Wondershare Time Shuttle:

Wondershare Time Shuttle is a new concept all-time computer system
restore and data recovery utility. Its difference from other
conventional restore software is that it remembers data in the form of
snapshot (snapshots don’t take disk space themselves), and is able to
create amazingly 1,000 snapshots, enabling users to jump between the
snapshots as they please.

With Wondershare Time Shuttle, users can easily:

1. Backup Windows system and all data on protected drives in the form of snapshot.

2. Fix blue screen of death, system crashes and get damaged, deleted, lost data back by restoring in 20 seconds.

3. Remove virus, spyware, trojan and other malware by restoring from snapshots.

4. Recover individual files; no need to recover the whole drive data.

5. Schedule tasks to take snapshots and restore system automatically.

6. Different authorities can be granted to other uses.

7. Support multi-system computer, protect all systems on one computer.

Pricing and Availability

The full version of Wondershare Time Shuttle copy is available for
$69.95 originally. And now an inviting promotion price of $39.95 is
provided. Update and service after sale is free of charge.


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