N.E.O Online game to be with new integrated battle systems

Newly developed free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, N.E.O Online, is to bring forth a highly integrated battle system for hardcore players to enjoy. Published by PlayOMG, N.E.O Online presents gamers with versatile and complex game systems to explore and experience. From unique chaos value, attribute fair stones, diverse quest and life skills, players can freely develop your characters and decide the game play.

Chaos gauge, one of the distinctive features of N.E.O Online, is designed based on the concept that every action in game can change the Gaia world. Monsters are labeled with core value , which indicates the strength of monsters. The very action of defeating monsters with cores will contribute to the world change, resulting in increase of chaos value. Once chaos gauge reaches its limit, chaos mode will be triggered and the world battle begun.

Truth Seeker, Protector of the Order, and Red-Winged Mercenaries are the three groups fighting to end the chaos status. Players will be allocated into these groups automatically and battle against each other; winners will receive fame and money as the rewards for restoring orders in Gaia.

Battle system of N.E.O Online also includes territorial wars, guild battles, match-ups and indiscriminative attack mode. For guilds that have aspirations to dominate Gaia, participate in territorial war to rule the region and profit from tax. Players can also compete for guild fame through guild battles. As for duels, you can either choose to be a polite warrior requesting for match-ups, or go for the indiscriminative attack mode and become the notorious PK attackers. Do bear in mind that each action can change the game play and influence the world of Gaia.

N.E.O Online beta test will start in the 1st season of 2010. Experience the intense battles and constant world changes in the coming beta test. Latest game intro and trailers will be available at N.E.O official website and various game sites. More will be revealed soon!


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