Playboy: The Mansion Coming to Consoles

Co-publishers Groove Games and ARUSH Entertainment have announced that the upcoming game, Playboy: The Mansion, published under license from Playboy Enterprises, will be available on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
Currently under development at Cyberlore Studios, Playboy: The Mansion? is a unique gaming experience that seamlessly combines intriguing social interaction, party-throwing simulation and empire- building challenges.

The Company Line:

“As you can imagine, we’re all very excited about this project,” said Joe Minton, CEO of Cyberlore Studios. “From the very beginning we’ve put a great deal of effort into making this groundbreaking game a fun and sexy experience for the PS2.”

The game puts the player into the virtual slippers of world-famous Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner, building Playboy Magazine and the Playboy Mansion into dynamic cultural icons. Gamers also will live the lifestyle, rubbing elbows with stunning women and popular celebrities, and share the mystique of the Mansion by hosting extravagant, exciting parties. Smart management of the Mansion’s social scene is required to keep the business thriving, and scoring hot celebrity interviews and arranging sexy photo shoots are just some of the tasks that players will encounter in growing the empire. The innovative Photoshoot gameplay allows the player to take control of the camera, shoot models for magazine covers and pick and choose the best overall theme for each issue in order to maintain the excellence that the buying public demands.

Rendered in a beautiful 3D environment including actual Playboy estate areas such as the Game House and the world-famous Playboy Grotto, the game portrays an accurate, virtually livable version of the actual Playboy Mansion. Gamers can also create their own versions of the Mansion as they step into the role of the Playboy mogul, hosting lavish parties designed to be the envy of Hollywood.

With Campaign and Empire modes, players can either follow an intriguing and involved storyline, or be set loose to explore and create on their own.
News source: Happy Puppy


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